Workplace Injury FAQs

Work accidents can happen quickly and unexpectedly. You may not know how to handle a work injury or what to do to receive treatment. These FAQs from Lang Chiropractic in Abington, PA, provide answers to questions you may have about work injuries, so you can make wise decisions about getting the treatment you need.


What are some common causes of work injuries?

Anyone can suffer a work injury. Some people are at greater risk of injury due to their jobs or work environments. If your workplace has low safety standards, this can increase your risk of having an accident. Some common causes of work injuries are slips and falls, falling objects, heavy lifting, overexerting yourself, stress, and repeating the same motions over and over due to the nature of your job.

What are some common workplace injuries?

Some of the most common job related injuries deal with your musculoskeletal system, like neck and back pain, muscle strains, spinal misalignments, herniated disc, and a dislocated or frozen shoulder. If you’re experiencing the pain and discomfort of a musculoskeletal workplace injury, our chiropractor can help with injury relief. For your convenience, we accept workers comp insurance.

How should I handle a workplace injury?

All workplace injuries should be reported to your immediate supervisor to make him or her aware of your situation. Then you should seek medical treatment. Chiropractic care can help with pain relief of musculoskeletal work injuries. Workers comp insurance can help cover the cost of your chiropractic treatment.

How does chiropractic care provide injury relief?    

We’ll start with a physical exam and tests to diagnose your condition and gauge the severity of your injury. If necessary, we’ll take x-rays or a CT scan to confirm our diagnosis. This information will enable us to create a plan for treatment.

Chiropractic care uses natural techniques and therapies to treat musculoskeletal injuries. For neck or back pain, our Abington, PA, chiropractor may use adjustments to realign your spinal system to relieve pressure from muscles, joints, and nerves. This helps reduce pain, muscle stiffness, and inflammation.  We may combine adjustments with therapeutic massage to relieve muscle tension and circulate blood to injured tissues for quicker healing. Rehab exercises help strengthen core muscles to restore range of motion and mobility.

What are the goals of chiropractic treatment?

Long-term pain relief is a major goal of chiropractic care. We also offer nutritional and lifestyle counseling that can improve your overall health to minimize your risk of future injuries.

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