Prenatal Chiropractic Care

If you're grappling with chronic pain from a musculoskeletal condition or have recently been in an accident, a chiropractic office can serve as an excellent resource on your journey back to wellness. For those residing in the Abington area in search of an, “experienced chiropractor near you”, Lang Chiropractic stands as a proponent of a comprehensive approach to overall wellness. We extend a warm invitation for you to visit our office for an examination, during which one of our chiropractors will craft a care plan tailored to your medical history and current clinical needs.


During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers facing discomfort and pain during pregnancy may find relief and support through prenatal chiropractic care. Pregnancy chiropractors are trained to consider the unique needs and conditions of pregnant women while devising comprehensive treatment plans to ensure optimal fitness throughout pregnancy. Common issues experienced by pregnant women, such as sore backs and shoulders, swollen ankles, and weak bladder muscles, can often be alleviated through chiropractic care.

Chiropractors possess a deep understanding of the human body and its mechanisms of movement, allowing them to integrate this knowledge into their care plans for pregnant clients. They can adjust their techniques to be gentler in the abdominal area while providing therapeutic relief for the back and shoulders. During prenatal sessions, clients are often positioned face downward but on their sides on the therapy table, with pillows strategically placed to cradle their abdomens for added comfort and protection.

Focus on Pelvic Muscles in Pregnancy Care Plans

Prenatal chiropractic care frequently includes targeted adjustments aimed at enhancing the function and strength of the pelvic muscles. Strong pelvic muscles are not only advantageous during childbirth but can also help mitigate issues such as bladder weakness and partial incontinence that commonly affect expectant mothers. Incorporating pelvic exercises into the care plan can further promote pelvic health and overall well-being during pregnancy.

Safety and Considerations

When considering chiropractic care during pregnancy, it's essential to ensure that the practitioner is experienced in providing chiropractic services for pregnant women. As long as the chiropractor is aware of the pregnancy, chiropractic adjustments are generally safe and can offer significant relief from pregnancy-related discomfort and pain.

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Dealing with back and shoulder pain, especially during pregnancy, can be challenging. If you're expecting and reside in the Abington, PA area, the experienced chiropractic care team at Lang Chiropractic is here to support you on your journey to wellness. Our chiropractors are dedicated to helping you find the path to optimal health and well-being that's tailored to your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward a healthier, more comfortable pregnancy journey.

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