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Abington Homeopathic Remedies Help Patients Enjoy Whole Body Wellness

From pain management and injury recovery to weight loss and wellness, Abington homeopathic remedies can help your body return to a natural state of balance and harmony. Homeopathic remedies are herbal remedies and dietary supplements that are an important part homeopathic remedies of our nutrition counseling program. Based on the Hippocratic principle that "like cures like," our natural dietary supplements are designed to enhance wellness by stimulating the body to heal itself.

Get Healthy and Lose Weight with Homeopathic Remedies

Herbal remedies and supplements can help a wide range of conditions and illnesses, including allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, depression, digestive disorders, ear infections, and headaches. Combined with nutritional counseling, herbal supplements can help manage high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides, conditions that can lead to serious heart disease and health problems. Herbal supplements are also effective for managing gastrointestinal disorders like IBS and diverticulitis, along with celiac disease and other food allergies or intolerances.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Lang believes that each individual has unique dietary and wellness needs. Many of our patients believe they are eating healthy, but they are still struggling with fatigue, headaches, allergies, weight gain, and illness. These health problems are a sign that your body is not receiving the right balance of nutrients on a cellular level. While saying "no" to fast food and sugary sodas is an important start, simply avoiding "bad" foods is not enough to ensure that your body actually receives the right balance of nutrients it needs to thrive. Our wellness center is committed to helping you get healthy from the inside out.

In order to provide patient-tailored nutrition advice, our wellness center uses metabolic analysis testing to evaluate each individual's nutrition needs. Just like your fingerprint, your metabolism is completely unique to your body. Think of it as the missing piece to the puzzle, and the answer to the eternal question: "Why does my body do this?" Together with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, we can obtain a clinically accurate reading of your body's composition. By understanding your nutrient deficiencies and the precise number of calories your body needs each day, our chiropractor can recommend specific herbal and dietary supplements to correct this deficiency and meet your healthy weight goals.

Herbal remedies and dietary supplements can also promote healthy weight loss and weight management. Our wellness center provides weight loss counseling through proper diet and prescribed exercise. We don't believe in "fad diets" that starve the body of essential nutrients for short-term weight loss. Instead, we find that herbal supplements are a natural way to correct nutritional imbalances on a cellular level and naturally enhance a patient's metabolism for long-term weight loss success.

At Lang Chiropractic, homeopathic remedies are an important part of our wellness program. We strive to help patients improve energy levels, enhance athletic performance, and build a positive relationship with their bodies. By feeding your body the right balance of supplements and nutrients each day, you will give your body the fuel it needs to truly thrive. You'll naturally have more energy, feel less stress and - most importantly - feel truly healthy.

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