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  • Dr. Janet
    Dr. Janet Lang Monahan DC, BS

    There are some rewards that are beyond measure. One is the satisfaction a doctor receives from knowing that someone has been helped by his or her care. Another is the contentment that comes from knowing care has been made available to those who might benefit.

    Dr. Janet Lang has been in practice for nearly 20 years. She treats everyone from athletes to weekend warriors. She also has extensive knowledge in the treatment and management of Personal Injury cases. All of her cases are handled in a multi-disciplinary fashion, i.e., neurologic, orthopedic and diagnostic testing.

    • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Chiropractic College
    • Chiropractic Neurology Diploma in Progress
    • Graduate Studies in Biofeedback
    • National Board Certification Parts I, II,III and Physiotherapy
    • Chiropractic Leadership Alliance licensing held in PA, DE, ME, NH


    'It is important to me to keep learning and growing as a professional because my patients expect and deserve to get better in the fastest time possible. They want to get back to their jobs or to do the thing they enjoy...and that's what I want for them, too.'

    • Advanced adjusting techniques
    • Maternity & pediatric adjusting
    • Chiropractic neurology therapy
    • Myofascial release therapy
    • Sports injuries
    • Trigger point therapy


    'I feel education is the basic foundation for any health care practitioner, but a degree is just the beginning. In order for me to give my patients the most advanced, effective care possible, education must be a continuous process.'

    • Pre-med, University of Massachusetts
    • Exercise Physiology, University of Massachusetts
    • Biofeedback, University of Massachusetts
    • Doctorate, Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic, Philadelphia
    • Diploma in Progress, Chiropractic Neurology
    • Physiotherapy, National Chiropractic College

    Affiliations and Memberships

    'Staying active in these organizations takes time, but it is an important part of quality care. It is through these organizations that my colleagues and I learn from each other's experiences. This is how I keep your care at the leading edge.'

    • Member, International Chiropractic Association
    • Member, Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
    • Member, American Massage Therapy Association
    • Member, Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
    • Member, Foundation for Chiropractic Education & Research
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