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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Dear Dr. Lang and Staff,

This letter is to thank you all for helping me to feel much better in such a short time, it is almost unbelievable.

When I first heard about the Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, I was skeptical.  However, after three treatments on my badly damaged ribs, I am a believer.

After a bad fall on May 22, 2019, my ribs were damaged to the point that breathing was very painful.  Even small movements were difficult and sleep was very difficult because of the discomfort.  I began treatment at Lang chiropractic offices on May 28, 2019.  By the third treatment, May 31, 2019, to my amazement, I felt greatly improved.  I could move without pain, breathing was comfortable again, and sleep was no longer a problem due to extreme discomfort.

The treatment is quick, easy, and comfortable.  It does not require any changing of clothes.  The only sensation is warmth.

I would recommend the Deep Tissue Laser Therapy to anyone with an injury that has resulted in pain.  It is noninvasive and definitely a better choice than surgery.


Vicki R.

Compliment for Roberta Evans

I scheduled a last-minute appointment with Roberta and my first thought was "how is this little woman going to work the kinks out of me?" Wow!!! I was 110% wrong. What a remarkable person she is. Not only does she have healing hands but she has a healing spirit. Her knowledge of the body, mind, and soul are incredible. I can't think of the term I want to use, other than she is like a holistic angel. I will be back in two weeks for another massage and then her Weight Loss Program. I haven't felt this good in a long time. I look forward to a long patient/client relationship with Roberta. Submitted by Valerie H. on 1/15/16


When I first had lower back pain I went to my primary care physician and was referred to physical therapy. It helped, but the back pain kept returning. In January 2009, my lower back was in so much pain I had trouble getting in and out of my car. I returned to my primary care physician and requested to be referred to a chiropractor. When I arrived for my first chiropractic appointment, Dr. Lang looked at my X rays and explained in detail how chiropractic services would benefit me. During my consultation, I explained how I was concerned about the adjustments to my neck and back. Dr. Lang explained, in detail, the steps she was going to take to adjust my neck and back and assured me I would be on my way to recovery soon. I put my faith and trust in Dr. Lang and was on my way to feeling better within a couple of weeks.

Dr. Lang suggested I enroll in Pilates to help strengthen my lower back. She can monitor my Pilates activities since it is one of the many programs offered at her center. I have been doing Pilates once a week and have noticed my back getting stronger.

All of the staff are very kind, courteous and are genuinely concerned about patient care. If you have ever thought about going to a chiropractor and were unsure, give LC Wellness & Spa the opportunity to put you on the road to recovery. I'm sure glad I did!

S.E. Smith, PhD

Crooked No More!

Two herniated discs in the lower back, excruciating pain down the leg, the inability to stand erect, slightly tilted to the side, and a pinched sciatic nerve that literally was a pain-in-the-butt...I was in bad shape! As a demonstrative and very mobile pastor/preacher, my vocation began to be compromised as I was restricted to a pulpit seat to deliver my sermon for three consecutive weeks. I truly thank God for hearing about Lang Chiropractor from a pastor friend, whose high praise and testimony motivated me to make that call. I called, I came, (smiles) I conquered! Within a few months of painless twisting, turning, pulling, stretching, cracking and actuation...I am standing, walking, skipping and jumping in great appreciation and joy. I have been a Sr. Pastor for over 15 years, and have counseled many with encouragement, direction, correction, and reproof...well, this time I was the one sat down, counseled, corrected, and straightened out...Hallelujah, thank God, I am crooked no more!

L.A.N.G. - Lovingly Adjusted Now Good(smiles)

Rev. Benjamin Green, Sr. Pastor

Abiding Truth Ministries

Philadelphia, PA

Patient Name: Danielle

Chief Complaint: Neck and back pain, very limited neck mobility.

How did Chiropractic Help You? Regular adjustments drastically reduced the subluxations and tightness I was experiencing. I now have almost full range of motion in my neck again with only a fraction of the pain I was tolerating on a daily basis.

How Has it Changed Your Life? Having had regular adjustments as a child I've always been aware of the benefits of chiropractic, but somehow managed to go without treatment for several years. When I started receiving care at LC Wellness I suddenly rediscovered that the constant pain from misalignment and all the other resulting discomfort is simply unnecessary! Staying aligned means staying pain-free - so that's my plan.

Patient Name: Mary S.

Chief Compliant: Lower Back Pain

How did chiropractic help you?

Before chiropractic, I had to sleep on an air mattress and regularly take pain pills and anti-inflammatories. Since chiropractic, my back has improved and the pain has subsided.

How has chiropractic changed your life?

I wouldn't drive, exercise, sit, or even sleep comfortably before coming to this office for care. This office, the doctors and their staff, have saved my life!

Patient Name: Meg S.

Chief Complaint: Entire Spine

How did chiropractic help you?

Chiropractic care reduced the pain of arthritis along my whole back, eliminating numbness in my arms, and lessening sciatica.

How has it changed your life?

I am able to garden and if I keep up with my regular chiropractic care, am able to walk the next day. I sleep better and can walk like a "normal" person.

"I am a seventeen year old high school male who is an athlete. In February, after a very fulfilling four months of clinics, I was ready to start practicing with my high school varsity baseball team. While skiing with a group of friends I broke my ankle and suddenly my plans for a successful baseball season were put aside. The bone healed in just five weeks of wearing a cast but then the real work began. I started to put in time at the school gym with the trainer and I also starting seeing Dr. Vira, at Lang Chiropractic, for more strengthening exercises to make my ankle stronger than before. After three months of working with Dr. Vira, I can honestly say that my recovery is total. I feel confident of my stronger ankle as I embark on the new pre-season clinics that I will be attending. Thank you Lang Chiropractic for a quick and certain recovery. "

"I suffered with migraine headaches weekly for as long as I can remember, probably 20-30 years. I was reluctant to try chiropractic but my daughter insisted. I'm so glad she was! I have been migraine free for 8 years. Thank you Dr. Lang!"

Judy J.

"I have been in athletics since grade school, a skier and enjoy being active. I started to notice back and hip pain in High School and got worse thru college. I had been on and off many different painkillers and muscle relaxes, nothing worked. My back pain was getting so bad that I was in pain every day, tired, and depressed. I came to Lang Chiropractic in a lot of pain and within 2-3 I was feeling 70-80% better. Within 2 months I felt the best I've felt in years.

I had also suffered with chronic ear/sinus infections and was always sick. I have notice such an improvement in my overall health! I am so thankful to have had such great Doctors and a staff that really cares."

Alyssa D.

"My daughter had been chronically sick since birth, Allergies, colds, ear infections, and never slept thru the night.I had been to Dr. Lang for back pain and whiplash injuries and had great success. Dr. Lang and Dr. Vira explained to me how the nerves control every function in your body including your immune system. They told me they might be able to help my daughter by strengthening her immune system. I had nothing to lose and had tried everything and nothing had helped my daughter. After the first adjustment she slept thru the night and a month later she was like a different child. She was laughing, sleeping, not sick and allergies improved!

Thanks to Dr. Lang and Dr. Vira my daughter is a "normal" happy child. I can't begin to tell you how this has changed our families life."

Barb M.

"Our thriving beautiful baby was made possible, in part, by the very capable hands of Lang Chiropractic. For this, we are forever grateful. With love and thanks for the difference you make in our lives."

The Thompson Family

"Dear Dr. Lang,

After my adjustment on Monday 2, 2005; I just had to sit down and evaluate how well I feel. I have learned so much about how to read and understand my body through your directions and after my adjustments there is so much energy mentally and physically that it is hard to believe that I am the same person I was 2 years ago.

My constant prayer is three fold; first I thank god for giving you the desire and ability to want to serve and heal those of us in need. Second that you are my chiropractor and third that you continue to bring healing and help to others."

Myrna P

"Chiropractic is like a chocolate truffle…you have NO IDEA how good it is until YOU try it."

Charles M.

" I had been suffering with sciatic pain on and off for 10 years. I was very nervous about seeing a chiropractor, so I put it off until the pain was so bad I couldn't walk or sit for more than a few minutes.
Dr. Vira immediately put my fears to rest and within a few weeks I was feeling better than I had in years. I can't tell you what a difference chiropractic has made in my life, and my families lives. I am not as depressed or angry because the pain is gone. I can't thank these Doctors enough, for they have given me back my life."

Susan C.

December 13, 2004

In the wee hours of Sunday, November 14th, I woke up, will actually slept-walked, and tumbled down a flight of steps. The pain was unbearable. I couldn't get up, walk, or move without severe spasms. I basically looked like the hunch back of Notre Dame. Walking involved a kind of shuffle-like movement seldom followed by a yelp of discomfort. With the help of a friend, I managed to drag myself into the ER where the doctor prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers and suggested that I have a follow-up exam with my doctor and likely enter months of physical therapy. The medication helped knocked me out but the pain was still s~vere by the second day. I was exhausted and depressed. Sitting, standing, and lying down were all uncomfortable. I was getting extremely concerned that it would take months for me to be functioning fully and I am not the kind of person who can stay still. On top of that, I don't think either my mom or I were prepared to be roommates for that long.

I had never gone to a chiropractor before (will actually my parents recently informed me that I was treated for hives at the age of two by a chiropractor!) but I was desperate...1 couldn't get in to see a doctor and I couldn't imagine waiting another day. I contacted a dear friend, Dr. Janet Lang, who I had always heard wonderful things about but never conjured up the courage to have her "crack my bones." Dr. Lang saw me the very next day. She immediately noticed that my right scapula (shoulder blade) was not in the proper was basically swinging out. Her X-rays confirmed this information and probably showed many other pre-existing problems as well. I was pleasantly pleased when Dr. Lang confidently informed me that she would have me back at work by that coming Monday. This seemed absolutely unreal to me considering I couldn't sit wit pain yet alone drive a carl I saw Dr. Lang four times that week and by th weekend I was moving without the sharp stabbing pains! It was unbelie actually made it to work that Monday as she had promised.

Dr. Lang was so gentle with her care. My body was bruised internally a muscles were tense and aching. With each visit, I could feel myself get better. I am still not 100% recovered (jlJst some slight soreness) but th improvement has been spectacular! And, ironically, my posture is the ever been in my life! I am so very fortunate that I ended up in the care can honestly say Dr. Lang was definitely have me as a patient for life!

Gina I.

On Purpose Case of The Month - July 1997 Dr. Janet E. Lang Lang Chiropractic Center Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

The following is a case study on Marie K. I chose-this particular patient because of the extraordinary effects of having a healthy, functioning nervous system. Marie K. is a 48 year old female presenting with the following symptoms: stiff neck for approximately one year and pain in left knee for approximately 8 months. Things that seem to make the pain worse in her neck were moving in any range of motion. She described the quality of the pain as it hurts and it's a sharp shooting pain down into the left side of her neck. She also noted that when she turns her neck she hears a "crunching noise". It is radiating into the left side, down into the shoulder area and up into the left ear. The site of the pain is the cervical spine and the timing of the discomfort is on a daily basis, increasing and decreasing in frequency and intensity.

Marie also noted left knee pain which she had been experiencing for approximately 8 months~ She stated she had a skiing accident 20 years ago and never received any treatment or care for the accident. She described the quality of the pain in her knee' as an achy pain which stays to the site of the knee joint itself. She also noted point tenderness when she touches it and the timing of the pain is on and off. Some days she feels the pain and some days she does not.

The patient also noted that she had a car. accident 10 years ago. She did not experienee any symptoms after the accident and did receive physical therapy.

Medical History:

Patient has a medical history of having depression and panic disorders.
She was diagnosed approximately one year ago but has been suffering for .rnany::years.:(the" . *At-~tbe-tinre she presented herself to my office, she had been on an anti-depressant. She also noted that her concentration and her energy levels were much decreased and have been steadily declining.


Multiple subluxations - Cl, C5, T2, T7 and L3.

"Since I have been under chiropractor care, my entire personality has changed. I am more relaxed. Things that used to stress me out no longer do and I treat my husband much better. Our marriage is much better now that I am under chiropractic care. It is truly amazing. I never would have believed it."

"I have also told my friends at the library in which I work. Now look at me, I can do the Can-Can (as she flips her knees up and down)."

"Welcomed and unexpected side effects from continued treatment with Dr. Lang has been an increase in my energy level, improvement in concentration and the ability to perform both mental and physically demanding tasks, such as gardening for long periods of time. My sleeping patterns have improved and my sense of well being and "joie de vivre." Because of Dr. Lang's treatments, I feel that I am a nicer, more easy-going person to be around and have a more positive outlook on life. Because of the rather rapid and dramatic improvement that my husband, neighbors and co-workers saw in me, I was able to refer four of them to Dr. Lang."

Marie K.

Marie is no longer on her anti-depressant medication and everybody on my staff as well as other patients have noticed a tremendous change in her, not only emotionally, when she enters our office, but physically, as well. As my staff has noticed. she is "a completely different and changed person."


Suite 201.960 Old York Road. Abington, PA 19001. Phone: (215) 884-9600

Case Study

Joey A.

Submitted by:
Dr. Janet Lang Monahan Abington, PA

First Visit: 4/26/96 DOB: 4/1191 Age: S 1/2

Chief Complaint: Asthma, allergies and ear infections since he was 12 months old.

Subjective Findings:
He has had one of the following approximately 80% of his life.
and daily routine.

conditions on a daily basis for It is interfering with his sleep

Objective Findings:
Subluxations at C1/C2, CS, T1, T8 and L4.

There is pain and stiffness in the cervical spine.

There is point tenderness in the cervical spine bilaterally.

There is muscle contracture in the cervical' spine bilaterally.

There is swelling and edema present in the cervical spine.

Joint play in the cervical spine is fixed in rotation of C9 on C1 and in lateral flexion.

Cervical dermatomes are negative.

Reflexes in the cervical spine are normal and symmetrical.

Myotomes in the cervical spine are negative.

There is compression, distraction and shoulder depression in the cervical spine.


Intal 2 times daily - as much as 4 times daily if he had an attack.
Venolin (when needed) - approximately every other day.
Extendryl each night Venolin 4 times daily during attacks - also steroids every 4 hours if attach occurred.

Delivery problems:
Mother has stated that it was a very traumatic birth, he was premature. Labor was 8 1/2 hours. His mother was induced after only 4 1/2 hours because she was not dilating. She was given pitocin to induce. Suction was used to help delivery because of fetal distress. The umbilical cord was wrapped two times around his neck. His heart stopped briefly. He was okay after delivery.

Since his first adjustment on 4/24/96, we saw Joey 3 times per week for 4 weeks, then 2 times per week for six weeks.

To this date, 10/28/96, Joey is off 90% of his medication and drugs. his mother and father are thrilled. Joey has also become much more active and now is in a little league for ice hockey. He admits that he's not so crazy about his adjustments because his cervical spine is tender along with his lumbar spine, however, the way that he feels and the fact that he doesn't have to take those "icky, gross drugs" is a much better alternative.

Joey's parents have also noted that he is sleeping through the night and not breathing as irregularly or coughing as much.

chiropractic spine


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