Prenatal Chiropractic FAQs

Answering Your Prenatal Chiropractic Care FAQs

Chiropractic care is great for treating injuries, unlocking your body’s full potential, and improving your overall wellness. While the benefits of chiropractic treatment are quite remarkable, you may still be wondering if it works for prenatal care. Allow our team at Lang Chiropractic to answer the questions you likely have about working with a pregnancy chiropractor. Go through our FAQs below and use the information they provide to determine if you should seek prenatal care in Abington, PA.


What Are the Benefits of Seeing a Pregnancy Chiropractor?

Setting up appointments with a chiropractor near you is highly beneficial if you’re pregnant. For starters, chiropractors can help by ensuring your baby is in the proper position before delivery. They can correct a breech presentation that’s known for causing delivery complications.

On top of that, a pregnancy chiropractor can also alleviate many of the nagging health issues expecting mothers have to deal with. Those issues include nausea and joint pain. You can enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy period by receiving regular chiropractic care.

Is It Safe to Get Chiropractic Adjustments While Pregnant?

Even after learning about the benefits of prenatal chiropractic care, you may hesitate to set your appointments due to the perceived risks of that treatment. While being cautious is smart, there are no reasons to worry about seeing a chiropractor near you.

Pregnancy chiropractors have plenty of experience working with expecting mothers. Many of them have also gone through pregnancy, so they know exactly how you’re feeling. You can expect them to take good care of your body and never put you or your unborn child at risk.

When Should You Start Receiving Prenatal Chiropractic Care?

There is no right or wrong time to start working with a pregnancy chiropractor. You can go at your preferred pace and set more appointments when your schedule opens up. Still, receiving care as soon as possible would be in your best interests. Starting your chiropractic care regimen during your first trimester would be best.

Can Chiropractic Adjustments Induce Labor?

Receiving chiropractic care well into your pregnancy won’t be an issue. If you’re worried about the chiropractic adjustments inducing labor, you can rest assured that it won’t happen. Those adjustments are only good for alleviating your discomfort and repositioning your baby.

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