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Dr. Michael Prediger

  • Dr.
    Michael Prediger
    B.S., M.Ed, D.C

    Dr.  Prediger has been in private practice for almost twenty years.  He treats everyone from children to seniors.  Dr. Prediger also has extensive knowledge in the treatment and management of Personal Injury cases.  All of his cases are handled in a multi-disciplinary fashion:  i.e., neurologic, orthopedic and diagnostic testing.


    •    Advanced Adjusting Techniques (Extremity Adjusting)
    •    Maternity and Pediatric Adjusting (Activator Technique)
    •    Chiropractic Neurology Therapy (Gonstead Technique)
    •    Myofascial Release Therapy
    •    Sports Injuries
    •    Trigger Point Therapy


    1973 - B.S. Education
    1978 - M.Ed.  Education
    1981 - Muscle Therapy/Massage
    1993 - Doctor of Chiropractic

    Dr. Prediger started practicing as a massage therapist and after obtaining his chiropractic degree has been practicing for a total of thirty years.  The deep muscle therapy has proven to be an excellent adjunct to his chiropractic training and ultimately for the benefit of his patients.  Dr. Prediger believes strongly in correcting postural problems which affect the muscular/structural system.

    He believes in treating the entire person: mind, body and soul.  This helps the entire system to have all three in perfect harmony.